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Team Workers Abroad Report on Trip to Camp Villa Peniel in Colombia 2015

Report on Trip to Camp Villa Peniel in Colombia 2015

The Lord encourages his people to work together, and that is what was seen as the work progressed forward at Camp Villa Peniel in Colombia. A couple weeks before a team arrived from the United States about 20 Colombians gathered from up to three hours away to remove a portion of the roof on the main building. When the team of 10 arrived the amount of work to be accomplished looked overwhelming. Many of the broken-off walls rose to the sky, opening up dorms, entryway, dining room and kitchen to all that might come from above. Blessings were to fall in the form of rain and the lack, sent by the Lord. On the night of arrival the heavens opened, filling the courtyard faster than the drains could remove it and without the roof over the walkways, adding water under doors into rooms where it should be dry. Many around the world were praying for us, and we were able to see the Lord’s hand in sending rain on only two evenings after the work was done, and starting in the afternoon just as the team was leaving to come home.

Many on the team had been at the camp the year before, so there was experience to aid in starting the work. Some started on the entryway, replacing posts, adding rafters, cement board sheeting and roofing. Others started putting rafters and purlins in place over the kitchen, dining room and a portion of the dorm. After four days of work, the entryway was done and the rafters and purlins were ready for roofing, half of which was completed Friday morning before six of the team left after noon. The remaining four team members plus others in the area continued putting up the roof. Then turning their attention to the other side of the compound where more rafters, purlins and roofing needed to be put in place over more dorms. By Thursday afternoon the major work was completed, and all went out to celebrate at a local ice cream shop. Friday morning a few remaining details were completed before the return to Bogota and the States.

Working together was seen as young people, mostly from an assembly about 1½ hours away, worked along side us. Prayers and devotions were often in two languages, reminding us to improve our use of Spanish. We were encouraged by the young people taking time to go to a missionary conference in Bogota over the weekend. In addition Bob Smith was asked to speak to the assembly on both Sundays with Brian Bloomquist and Fred Scott taking the Wednesday nights, all by translation.

Not all the time was spent working as other activities were included. Intermingled with the work was a party as David, David Easter’s oldest boy, turned 15; a trip to see the farm of a local believer, joining the meetings of the local believers, and enjoying time visiting the local town, which is a tourist attraction. The farmer had come to Colombia from Spain, became a believer, started an organic farm producing table grapes and coffee. The clusters of grapes were large enough to remind one of the grapes the Israelite spies found in Engedi.

We thank all of you who have been praying for us. The Lord’s hand was very evident as we worked together, had dry weather to work in and safety as we worked. We now are making contact with missionaries in Mexico, Peru, Moldova, Mozambique, Bolivia and Chile about possible projects.

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