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Being Available and Flexible

In a recent trip to help out the spread of the gospel the necessity of being available and flexible for the Lord became obvious.

Tom Clark was adding more classrooms to the school which he uses to spread the gospel and change lives when TeamWorkers Abroad heard of the need for help. The first indication was that there was no one available to lead the trip, but we would announce through our contacts the available need. No one seemed available, but a couple people showed interest.

After the disappointment of not being able to help out, it was announced that the starting date for school in Peru was extended until March 15 (the work needed to be done before the start of school), which allowed the reconsideration of going. A passport had arrived, appointments were completed, a video conference call was made and suddenly it was possible for a team to be available for the work. We would be leaving in two weeks!

Tom Clark has been building a school a grade at a time for the last nine years in the southwest side of Ferrenafe, Peru. This year they would have classes for pre-school to 7th grade. The adding of classes necessitates buildings for classrooms. Two years ago TeamWorkers Abroad helped when the second and third floor was added to an existing building. This year a new building was being added to the facility. Tom has local workers put up the structure and individuals and teams help with windows, doors, painting, electrical wiring and any other needs that arise.

The team this time consisted of Mark, his teen age daughter, Hadessah, and myself. Mark and his brother own a construction company, so his brother was involved in the work by staying behind to keep the business going. The assembly has been involved with several missionaries, including sending Laura Messerly as a teacher to this school. When a trip is proposed the leadership considers who would be the best fit and then stands behind them both in prayer and providing the financial cost of the for each individual from the assembly.

The day we arrived there was the pause to recover from the trip and a looking around to become familiar with the facilities and see what the work was that is to be tackled while we are there. The doors and windows in the third floor classrooms in the existing building had been removed so the cement part could be finished, these need to be reinstalled. There was another room (teachers lounge) where door and windows needed to be constructed as well as windows constructed and installed and doors installed in the new building. There was also the annual painting of the buildings inside and out, due to the poor quality paint available.

The next day supplies were delivered and the work was started. Mark took on the project of resetting the doors and windows in the third floor classrooms. This was more difficult than anticipated as the finish cement made the opening just enough smaller that each frame had to be trimmed before being put in place. The painting project was to become painting of the stairwell leading to the second and third floor. After the white base was applied, it was determined that to cover the many fingerprints due to show up, that a mural was needed. Laura and Hadassah were assigned to the project to both design and implement. The third area of work was to turn 10 foot 1x8 and 2x2 boards into small pieces to construct the new doors and windows. Several days were spent just ripping and cutting boards to the correct size.

Saturday, Sunday and evenings were set aside to enjoy the local flavor. Some evenings the “old men” would spend time catching up with the folk back home through the internet or just resting and avoiding the mosquitoes. The enthusiasm of youth enabled Laura to be a great of hostess of Hadessah as she showed her the local hiking places, soccer games at night and just having her over to her house. We were able to so to the sea shore, eat the local cuisine, and have a combi ride on Saturday. Sunday we took in the local market, Hadassah went to the Sunday school class in Laura's house and participated with the saints as they met around the Lord Jesus Christ. Tuesday night was prayer meeting and then to a surprise birthday party for Laura. The Peruvians know how to celebrate!

As the time to leave drew near it became obvious that not everything would be in place before we left. The classrooms and teachers lounge on the third floor had all the doors and windows in place (there were two bathroom doors in each classroom included). The mural looked wonderful, included the teachers hand-prints and provided visual instruction from Jeremiah 17:7-8. All the rest of the windows were painted and put together as far as possible before installation. Our closing comment was that if we could have another person or another day the work would have been completed.

Another school year has started and peoples lives are being impacted. The children have a nice environment to study in and be taught about the Lord Jesus Christ. The parents will have their children receive a quality education and can themselves hear of the Lord. Missionaries are encouraged as people come to visit, Laura especially as these were people from her home assembly. Lives of individuals and assemblies are impacted as some go to the mission field, especially the teenager that is considering where the Lord is leading. May the Lord provide you the availablity and flexibility to encourage a missionary.

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