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Exploratory Trip to Guyana 2014

Pray with us as Doc (Gerald) and Judy Stiles serve the Lord in the USA and Guyana. The Lord has used them to see many souls saved in Guyana, and they are currently looking to Him for a place to gather and establish a church. They are looking for land to build on or to buy an existing building/house to renovate.

“Hello of the House”

Building Bridges Along Alliance Road

“…I kept back nothing that was helpful, but proclaimed it to you, and taught you publically and from house to house…nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.” Acts 20:20-24 NKJV

You’re Never Too Old

“Hello of the house” was a common phrase used as we stood at the gate and faced the house, praying that someone would acknowledge our greeting and welcome us to a conversation about the Lord. At 68 years of age, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stiles, ”Doc and Mrs. Judy,” are walking along Alliance Road seeking to build bridges with the local people as they preach the Good News.

They started going to Guyana, South America, in 2006, after an invitation from a native Christian brother who currently lives in Florida. After much prayer and 13 trips later, many have professed Christ. The people along Alliance Road, in Timehri, Guyana, have won their heart. God has specifically given them a love for this community. With a smile on their face and the joy of the Lord, they walk a poorly maintained road, handing out literature and sharing the gospel.

Guyana is known as the “land of many waters,” yet it desperately needs the Living Water. Story after story of souls coming to Christ has proven how dry and thirsty this land is. Doc and Mrs. Judy feel that God has given them the best ministry for the latter years of their life. You are never too old to impact the world for Christ.

What Can I Do to Help?

I had the privilege of serving alongside them this January. Not having a good aptitude for languages, I was exercised to pursue a mission trip to an English speaking country. I started praying about Guyana. I did not find any assembly missionaries in this country to contact, nor did I know anyone who went there. Charlie Fizer, an itinerant preacher, visited our chapel, and I asked him if he knew anyone in Guyana that I could contact. He directed me to Jerry Stiles from Virginia. After some correspondence and with a desire to serve, a date was set, and off we flew. As I sought to be a blessing, I was richly blessed.

We handed out tracts, Bibles, and gospel CD’s--Highway to Heaven and Nothing Happens by Chance. We had many hour-long discussions with the neighbors, and as a result, bridges were built. The hospitality extended to us was wonderful as we discussed the Scriptures. Not everyone turned to Christ, but now most know Doc and Mrs. Judy. The locals smile and greet them as they walk by. The families along Alliance Road know their intent is to bring them good and not harm. Walking with Doc at the end of the day, the moon was overhead and the road dimly lit. Naturally speaking, I could be a bit concerned in this context, yet everyone we approached in the dark politely walked by and exchanged, “Good night,” with no fear or threat of danger.

Establishing a Local Church

The community along this road has been settled for generations. People rarely move, and they know nearly every neighbor. They have judged lifestyles good or bad; they remember offenses against them and others. Years of issues still register in their minds with their life-long neighbors. Though the families along Alliance Road outwardly live at peace with one another, inwardly, many still have walls built between them. Suggesting a neighborhood Bible study at one of the believer’s houses can stir up past baggage which makes it difficult for a gathering to take place. Obviously, Christ makes all things new, but it will take time for them to mature in Christ. Through His power, they will be able to extend grace, mercy and love. As a result, walls will come down and bridges will be built.

The conclusion that Doc and Mrs. Judy have reached is that a neutral location will be needed to bring the believers together and teach them. They currently stay in a temporary location when they minister in Guyana. Because of that, they are seeking to buy property for constructing a building or an existing house that the ministry (Christ for Guyana Ministries) could serve from. There is an immediate need to see a New Testament Church established.

Part of my purpose for this trip was to be an additional set of eyes and give input as they considered land options or housing possibilities. The community does not post “For Sale” signs in the yard. So to find out what is for sale is done by word of mouth and talking to the neighbors. This investigation did lead to several good gospel conversations about the Lord.

We discovered that there were a couple pieces of land for sale and a couple of houses along Alliance Road. Though some seemed to be fairly priced, additional monies would have to be raised. An existing house is currently being considered as the best option. This will allow Doc and Mrs. Judy a home base from which to work. Much prayer is coveted regarding this need. The gospel will go forth and discipleship will take place. They will keep pressing on as the Lord gives them strength and energy.

Building Bridges

What bridges can you build that will allow the Good News to travel over and reach an individual who needs life? Or what bridge can you build to help restore a broken relationship?

You’re never too young or old to step out in faith and let God write another chapter in your life. May God give you an “Alliance Road” ministry, and with that, the grace to build bridges that point people to Christ.

Written by Scott Nordstrom, who resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He currently serves as the President of the ministry, TeamWorkers Abroad. Mr. and Mrs. Stiles are commended as full-time workers.

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