About Us

I Corinthians 3:9a

TeamWorkers Abroad is a ministry that organizes teams of skilled and unskilled workers to aid in building projects for assembly missionaries. We are laboring together with God, as we serve our brothers and sisters around the world.  And even though there may be language barriers at times, hopefully our actions will speak volumes and our practical “building projects” will create an environment for spiritual opportunities.

What is TeamWorkers Abroad?

TeamWorkers Abroad was started to assemble teams of believers from U.S. assemblies to work on building projects for assembly missionaries. While TeamWorkers Abroad’s focus is primarily on teams of skilled workers, there are opportunities for unskilled workers and young adults on most projects.

How did Team Workers Abroad get started?

The idea behind TeamWorkers Abroad is not new. Other groups such as Brass Tacks and TeamWorkers (Canada) have been doing the same types of work for years. During the 2007 year, bro John Routley from Dubuque, Iowa met with the board of Assembly Care Ministries and all there agreed to help the effort move foward.

Who is involved?

John Routley (Iowa), Fred Scott (Iowa), Scott Nordstrom (Nebraska) and Tim DeJong (Georgia/Mexico) are sharing the responsibility of getting TeamWorkers Abroad moving foward. Fred Scott is a good contact person for the group. John has more of an interest in helping to coordinate projects. All the men have an interest in leading various projects from time to time. Tim DeJong has grown up around missions construction and is interested in working mostly on the field. Scott Nordstrom was a former elder in his assembly and has experience (as does Tim) working with teams of young adults on such trips.

How can I get involved?

Pray for Teamworkers Abroad.

Let us know if you are interested in joining a team in an upcoming project.

Let us know if you are interested in leading a team.

Help a team member from your area cover travel costs.

Let us know of any projects.

Let missionaries know of the ministry.

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