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Missions Service Groups


Christian mission in Many Lnad inc is a partner in missions work. CMML and Teamworkers abroad work together on several area missionaries, and in partnership, we offer ways to give to each other’s mission workers.
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Echoes International

Echoes International serves missionaries commended from Brethren assemblies in the United Kingdom. Established almost 150 years ago, Echoes was the first Brethren missionary service organization.
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Assembly Care Ministries, Inc.

Assembly Care connects believers from New Testament-patterned assemblies with commended workers, ministries, and other assemblies in North America while making them more aware of commended workers’ needs and ways to support them.
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AMT partners with Australian Christian Brethren churches to educate, motivate, and facilitate Christians for global mission work so every people group can be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.
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GC3 enhances mission involvement within the network of Open Brethren Christian Community Churches in New Zealand and around the world. GC3’s vision statement is “effective mission through every church.”
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The Fundación Evangélica Misionera Argentina (FEMA) is a service organization that administers a missionary support fund for missionaries and assemblies in Argentina.
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Christian Worker’s Fellowship

Christian Worker’s Fellowship receives gifts and donations of money, from the Lord’s people, and distributes the same to workers who are associated with the Brethren assemblies and who devote their time to the Lord’s work.
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Gospel Missions of India

GMI supports Christian workers and ministries associated with the Brethren assemblies in India.
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Training Partners

Organizations providing Bible-based training for service on the mission field and at home.

Biblical Eldership Resources

BER promotes biblical eldership by providing teaching, resources, training, and mentoring for current and future church leaders who will implement, practice, teach, and train others in biblical eldership as the model for church
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Discipleship Intern Training Program

The DITP is designed to provide specialized training for believers who sense God’s call to service in the local church as elders, teachers, preachers, evangelists, or missionaries.
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Emmaus Bible College

Emmaus Bible College is an accredited four-year private college located in Dubuque, Iowa. Emmaus combines Christ-centered education, uncompromised biblical teaching, and valuable professional degrees.
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The Ezekiel Project

The Ezekiel Project trains and equips Christians in clear, simple evangelism methods through one-week training seminars and the Ezekiel Project School of Evangelism (TEPSE).
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The Galilee Program

The Galilee Program is a seminar-style, discipleship-based three-week course of biblical studies and practical instruction for Christians, ages 20 to 35, who are committed to Christ, His service, and their local church.
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Bright Lights

Bright Lights is a discipleship ministry encouraging young women to be radiant in godliness, holiness, and testimony. Its goal is to encourage and equip young women and mothers to disciple younger girls.
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Missions Partners

Organizations focusing on participation in Great Commission through practical ministries.


eTeams enables and equips Christians to effectively cross cultures, encourage national churches, and evangelize through short-term mission trips in English-speaking countries. eTeams is a ministry of MSC Canada.
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Workers Together Online

Workers Together Online connects women’s groups and individuals to projects that assist assembly missionaries around the world.
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Financial Partners

Assembly-based financial ministries that CMML maintains unique partnerships with.

Legacy Ministry Services

Legacy Ministry Services (formerly Believers Stewardship Services) helps Christians accomplish their financial and estate-planning goals in fulfilling biblical stewardship and supports local New Testament-patterned churches and associated ministries with financial and governance-related matters.
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Stewards Ministries

Stewards Ministries helps Brethren assemblies and related ministries carry out the purposes of the Lord Jesus Christ for His church. It provides finances to help the assembly movement plant new churches, evangelize, send out foreign missionaries, care for the needy, and develop leadership.
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Stewards Foundation

Stewards Foundation connects assemblies in need of funds with those willing to invest. Stewards Foundation is in the building business: building relationships with New Testament-patterned assemblies that make it a trusted
loan resource.
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Stewards Advisory Services

As a registered investment advisor, Stewards Advisory Services can assist missionaries, individuals, churches, ministry groups, and other organizations with a variety of services and provide a Christ-honoring perspective to
help them thrive with the resources that God has entrusted to them.
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Stoudt Associates

Stoudt Associates is a team of CPAs and professional consultants who offer tax planning and preparation services to missionaries and full-time workers.
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Resource Partners

Ministries that provide materials and literature to further the Great Commission

Emmaus Worldwide

Emmaus Worldwide exists to glorify God by providing biblically sound resources and structured study materials that reach people from every nation to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord, grow in Christ, and share their
faith with others.
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Everyday Publications

EPI publishes doctrinally sound, cross-cultural, Bible-based books in multiple languages to equip missionaries, national workers, and believers, primarily in developing countries, to proclaim the Gospel and to encourage biblical understanding and the practice of biblical principles.
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Gospel Folio Press

Gospel Folio Press supplies high-quality materials for the Lord’s people, to encourage, teach, and strengthen their walk with the Lord Jesus. GFP sells several CMML publications, including the Missionary Prayer Handbook and many missionary biographies.
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Opal Ministries

OPAL Ministries, USA, serves churches and Christian leaders in the majority world (Africa, Asia, Latin America) by equipping them with affordable Bibles and quality evangelical literature.
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Anthem Songs

Anthem Songs is a music ministry committed to unifying the church through the multigenerational praise of Jesus Christ using a collection of hymns and songs from every era of the church.
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Lews & Roth Publishers

Lewis & Roth Publishers makes Bible-centered resources and training available to the local church for the purpose of equipping elders, deacons, and other leaders to model spiritual maturity, provide spiritual leadership, and cultivate both in others.
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Rock International

ROCK International produces multi-language, captivating, chronological gospel media tools that clearly communicate God’s story and message to a worldwide audience of all ages and cultures. Resources include the King of Glory curriculum.
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DIME Publishers

Distribuidora Internacional de Materiales Evangélicos, or DIME Publishers, publishes and distributes evangelistic, inspirational, and educational literature, in Spanish and Castilian, at the lowest possible cost to reach Spanish speaking readers for Christ.
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Assembly Life

AssemblyLife is a website for aggregating news and events from a network of Christian assemblies across North America and beyond. Information is informally collected each week and sent out to those interested in being informed.
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Senior Living

Assembly-based senior living communities where many of CMML’s refocused missionaries live

Pittsboro Christian Village

Located in Pittsboro, North Carolina
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Rest Haven Homes

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Park of the Palms

Located in Keystone Heights, Florida
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Shepherd Christian Community

Located in Frostproof, Florida
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Western Assemblies Home

Located in Claremont, California
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Bethesda Christian Retirement Center

Located in Hayward, California
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Missions Links

Helpful resources to fuel faith, ministry, and prayers

Joshua Project

Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ. Learn about and pray for unreached people groups.
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The Elizabeth Elliot Foundation

The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation was formed to bring all of Elisabeth, Jim, and their daughter Valerie’s work and ministry under one umbrella. Explore the writings, sermons, and videos of CMML’s most well-known missionaries.
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Operation World

Operation World has created the definitive prayer guide to every nation. Join people from every nation in praying for people in every nation.
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