The idea behind TeamWorkers Abroad is not new. Other groups such as Brass Tacks and TeamWorkers (Canada) have been doing the same types of work for years. How did we start? In 2007 Jon Routley met with the Assembly Care Ministries board to discuss ways to help missionaries through construction projects. They agreed that an organization with this purpose should be formed. In May of 2008 several interested men met with brethren from Team Workers of Canada, who agreed to help by providing their years of experience, the paperwork they use and even the use of their name to aid in the encouragement of more people from the United States to help out in missions through construction work. In February of 2009 was the first joint team of Americans and Canadians working together on a project in Ensenada, Mexico. In June of 2011 the first project trip was made by TeamWorkers Abroad to Quiniatla, near Rio Blanco, Mexico. In August of 2011 we became incorporated and applied for the non-profit 501(c)3 exemption.

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