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TeamWorkers Abroad was started to assemble teams of believers from U.S. assemblies to work on building projects for assembly missionaries. While TeamWorkers Abroad’s focus is primarily on teams of skilled workers, there are opportunities for unskilled workers and young adults on most projects.


TeamWorkers Abroad is a ministry that organizes teams of skilled and unskilled workers to aid in building projects for assembly missionaries. We are laboring together with God, as we serve our brothers and sisters around the world. And even though there may be language barriers at times, hopefully our actions will speak volumes and our practical “building projects” will create an environment for spiritual opportunities.


The idea behind TeamWorkers Abroad is not new. Other groups such as Brass Tacks and TeamWorkers (Canada) have been doing the same types of work for years. During the 2007 year, bro John Routley from Dubuque, Iowa met with the board of Assembly Care Ministries and all there agreed to help the effort move forward.


Tim DeJong
Tim DeJongBoard Member

When I was 9 months old my family moved to South Africa as missionaries. Us boys heard the gospel morning and evenings in family devotions and at every meeting our church had because we were there. After one Sunday evening service I asked my dad to help me ask Jesus to come into my heart and change my life into one that pleased Him.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of conflict with my folks but unlike many others I never walked away from My Lord. Though I did many things that displeased Him He was always faithful to my commitment to Him and would not allow me to get into many bad situations like drugs and drinking. Over the years my wife and I have seen the direct guidance and provision of the Lord. Both as home missionaries and as foreign missionaries and in His leading us into the assemblies which answered a lot of questions I had though personal Bible study. We are commended missionaries from Believers Gospel Chapel in Augusta Ga. My background from childhood has been in construction. My dad was the mission builder for AEF for 17 years when started a mission organization providing practical helps (construction) for other missions. We worked with that organization for 11 years and were introduced to the assemblies through it. I then ran my own construction remodeling company for 12 years before the Lord called us back into full time service for Him in Tijuana Mexico where we have served for another 5 years and now we are looking forward to serving Him now through Teamworkers Abroad.

Fred Scott
Fred ScottBoard Member

I grew up on a farm in central Iowa and was converted to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ at age 18 through a Bible study on a college campus. Since 1975 my wife, Sue, and I have fellowshipped with the Christians in Davenport IA at what is now known as High Point Bible Chapel, where we have served in various capacities and I served as an elder there for about 25 years. I am now a commended worker with the purpose of traveling for TeamWorkers Abroad. Over the years I have trained 5 children to walk with the Lord who, with their spouses, are training 20 grandchildren and counting, directed Ozark Family Camp at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp, helped with Christian camp projects and mission projects both in the states and foreign countries. Since retiring from a career in the beef cattle industry I have been able to put more effort into each of the areas.

During the work in the aftermath of Katrina I saw the value of getting the word out to people with various abilities that could come together to help those with the same Biblical beliefs. Many of the missionaries spend their time learning the culture and language of people groups do not need, or may not have the ability, to be distracted by the physical aspects of the work. I envision TeamWorkers Abroad developing a list of abilities and availabilities of people in the States who are able to provide coordinated help to Christian assemblies around the world, both in on-going growth and disasters that occur.

Justin Hill
Justin HillBoard Member

Born and raised in a Christian home, I am blessed to have been protected from many of the pitfalls of this world. Nevertheless, I believe whole heartedly in my need for a Saviour as much as anyone. We all have a sinful nature, and a deep need for God’s forgiveness. I trusted my Heavenly Father for this at a young age.

My earthly father was a good man, but he passed away when I was ten. However, the LORD is faithful, and planted plenty of solid role models in my life that I could look up to. I currently serve as an elder at Southeast Bible Chapel. I am also fortunate to have a beautiful wife and two sons, all serving the LORD today.

Although construction runs in my family, I never really caught on. My skills are all in other areas. I’m not very handy at all, that is, until I have a spread sheet open on my computer. So I pitch in by keeping the books and providing financial reports for Team Workers Abroad. I do the same for my church. I am also the elected Treasurer of Greene County, Missouri where I reside.

Jonathan Schwarz
Jonathan SchwarzBoard Member

Having grown up in a small assembly in the Philadelphia region, I was regularly under the teaching of the Word both at home and in meetings. At the age of 7, I was told of the horrors of Hell and encouraged to repeat the words of a prayer in my head and raise my hand during a Christian School story-time. After doing so in utter fear and with no recognition of the truth of the Gospel, I was told I was now safe. I lived in this dangerous error for years to come, insulated from the truth of the Gospel's power by my experience, and well-meaning confirmations of those around me. It wasn't until age 21 that I came to understand the true nature of my place before God, and the dire situation I'd been in for 21 years. At that time, I turned to the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting in His atoning death to pay for my sins, repenting of my self-rule, and looking to Him as Lord.

Professionally, I've had a varied career including Hi-Tech Manufacturing and R&D, Web Application Development, Web Marketing, and presently Real Estate. I was introduced to international mission support in 2009 on my first trip to Romania to assist in a ministry there. Since then, I've made 7 or 8 trips back to Romania in support of that and other ministry areas, seeking to serve God in encouragement and provisioning of missionaries. Having served in the past on the board of an international ministry organization and presently also on the board of a technological ministry to full time workers, I look forward to how God might use my involvement with TeamWorkers Abroad to bring Him glory and serve Him.

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TeamWorkers Abroad was started to assemble teams of believers from U.S. assemblies to work on building projects for assembly missionaries. While TeamWorkers Abroad’s focus is primarily on teams of skilled workers, there are opportunities for unskilled workers and young adults on most projects.