Bolivia 2018

December 26, 2018

The work in Camiri, Bolivia with Mark Mattix has gone well. Even though John was delayed in the connecting flight to Miami so that he flew to Santa Cruz a day later than the rest of the team, Cristobal, the brother from Chile who joined us, was able to stay overnight to meet the plane, speak the language, and travel with John to the work.

The first item was to see and help with the graduation ceremony for the 21 graduates of the Bible Institute. Even though they came from many places and even other countries, there was a crowd of 180 friends and relatives who came to encourage them. Several of the graduates were career people that had gotten their college degrees and then determined they needed more knowledge of the Bible.

Some trenches were dug before our arrival, and once the graduation was over many more going from building to building were completed so conduit could be laid. Inground boxes at each connection were being made. Conduit and large, 4-plex wire to encircle the camp was purchased and the work of pulling 460 meters of wire was accomplished. Circuit breaker boxes and attaching conduit were chipped in and then cemented into the outside of each building. Wire was connected from the in-ground boxes to the circuit boxes.

Much was accomplished by providing wire to each building. Now the local people can connect each building to the laid wire. Thank you for praying for us as we had good weather, the saints were encouraged, and the project was brought to a stopping point.