Chile 2017

March 17 2017

Chile Day 1

Both Tim DeJong and I started the day before, flying out of Atlanta and Minneapolis through Dallas to get to Santiago, traveling through the night. We both arrived safely, although Tim’s flight was delayed and arrived an hour late, which just allowed for Fred to get more acquainted with Alberto Roa, David’s son. After lunch we went to look at the site to become acquainted with the needs and determine a plan of action. Then we went to town to exchange a gift for material with plans to buy the material tomorrow. Afterwards we looked around the town and then had a Chilean hotdog for supper.

Chile Day 2

Really slept in late, which was allowable and acceptable, but not expected even though we both had all night flights. After “breakfast” we went to pick up some materials for the work, then spent the rest of the day continuing in the work. The next concentration is for the handicap bathroom foundation and a temporary shed for material storage and current bathroom. Both of these projects required digging holes for posts, which is very difficult in the hard ground and many stones in the fill dirt. By the end of the day we had most posts in place and cemented in. A very fancy three course meal for some dirty construction people was supplied by a couple of the women from the assembly. Then it was off to bed.

Chile Day 3

The Lord’s day has arrived and we were able to sleep later than normal as the meetings are later in the morning. After breaking of bread Tim spoke. After the fellowship break and sandwiches Fred spoke at Sunday School to the adults, ending at 1:30. Lunch was back at our hosts, with the rest of the day resting, conversing and catching up in our communications.

Chile Day 4

We picked up were we left off on the temporary shed. More posts had to be dug and cemented in. It was also decided to expand the shed so the three meter metal beams would fit and there would be room for a temporary bathroom. While the cement for the shed posts was setting we worked at getting the reinforcing rod in place for the foundation of the permanent handicap bathroom. The beams were delivered, so the push was on that the shed have enough completed to be able to put some metal roofing around the sides to hid the material from view. The process of cleaning and painting the beams was also begun. The architect arrived near the end, so supper was later and it was right to bed.

Chile Day 5

While the day was starting Fred was able to complete wiring the foundation re-rod for the handicap bathroom. Then the attention turned to getting a roof on the temporary shed. Everything had to be squared up, more posts put in, rafters up, and the tin on. Other men have been working on the main building, getting the metal posts lined up and starting to get the rim beams for the second floor attached. During the day Dave had talked to Tim about the coming speaking schedule. After work we headed straight to prayer meeting and Tim spoke without being able to get our Bibles. Supper was afterwards and then to be again.

Chile Day 6

Starting to be more organized in scheduling. The concentration for this day was on the temporary bathroom. More posts needed to be added to the shed, trenches dug, and material purchased. The rest of the walls of the shed were covered with tin, so it would be quite difficult to see in the shed, and a door was added (previously we screwed tin over the doors when we left for the night). The rim joists are being added and the plywood for the second floor support were delivered (more things for the small shed). Slightly earlier evening, so catching up a little. This will go out, but pictures another night.

Day 4, 5, and 6 pictures

Wow, the days have been full and long so it has not been possible to get updates out before bedtime every night. It is too late to pray for us while we were there, but perhaps you would like to read of the activities done in the last week.

Chile Day 7

This becomes a day of more mundane work. The men working with us were continuing to weld beams for the second floor and add the supporting plywood. The trenches were dug for plumbing for the temporary bathroom and Tim worked on getting the pipes into place. This can be challenging as there are not the easy, prepared connections and pipes have to be heated to allow modification of the end of the pipe so it will fit. Chris and Fred worked on forms for the handicap bathroom foundation. I hadn’t mentioned Chris before, but he came from five hours away to help in the work and see his sister that had married a man in the meeting a year ago. Fred preached at the Bible study and supper afterwards.

Chile Day 8

The first emphasis was getting the temporary bathroom in. The pipes had to be covered and forms placed for the cement. The inside forms for the handicap bathroom foundation were worked on at the same time. After lunch the cement for the temporary bathroom was poured. It is the usual process of shoveling gravel and sand into a mixer, adding cement and water, then hauling it to the location in a wheelbarrow. Afterwards plans were started for the piping for the handicap bathroom. Other men were continuing to cut and weld the beams for the second story floor. As an extra note, Tim and Fred alternated after lunch each day a study using the outline from Bill McDonald’s book, “Joseph Reminds Me of Jesus”.

Chile Day 9

At the beginning of the day there were high hopes that the sewer, drain, and water pipes for the handicap bathroom and the interior forms for the foundation could be placed in time to pour the foundation. As trenches were dug through the rocky fill dirt and the pipes cut and molded into shape we were able to only have the most of the pipes laid by the end of the day. It was another late night with the conversation after the huge meal and bed drew us in before an update was published.

Chile Day 10

Once again we were able to gather around the Lord’s table with the saints in Quillota, Chile. Fred opened the Word before the break/breakfast and Tim took the longer time afterwards. The afternoon was spent at Yerko and Bethlehem Bahamondes, who have been married just a year and are developing their hospitality. For the evening we went to the Asamblea Christiana in Limache where both Tim and Fred spoke. Afterwards we went to David and Elizabeth Roa’s house, across the street, for supper, tea (coffee), and conversation.

Chile Day 11

We are aware that our time here is running down and there is much yet to do. The two main projects have continued work to do. Tim and Chris worked on enclosing the temporary bathroom from the rest of the shed while Fred filled in around the handicap bathroom pipes. The afternoon was spent getting the forms braced to hold the concrete in place for the foundation and brought up to level. With a push until dark the other men have one portion of the second floor in place.

Chile Day 12

With a final check of the forms, the concrete work for the handicap bathroom was started, again mixing gravel, sand, cement and water, this time running the wheelbarrow over up ramps the building foundation to pour in the forms. We stopped for the lunch brought by one of the saints (happened every day), shortened our devotional time slightly and returned to the concrete work. By 4:00 in the afternoon we had the concrete in and the equipment washed up. A quick pause, then we returned to the temporary bathroom to put the toilet, sink and door in place before the evening meeting. By night fall the toilet was in, the sink mostly installed (but the plumbing not in place), and the door frame installed (without the wall).

The assembly had decided to have the weekly prayer meeting, Bible study, and a farewell fellowship supper at the construction site. With joy and excitement they brought in the chairs, tables, and food, wore jackets in the cool wind, put up a few lights, and had the meeting as they waited for the chicken to be barbecued over an open fire. Fred opened the Word and Tim added our appreciation for the opportunity to work together with them in the Lord’s work. Such an example of a church working together. By 11:00 all had been packed up and we headed home.

Chile Day 13

With the late night we were able to start the day a little later as it was determined to be a day for tourism. Laura Rey and her son Ian (4, nearly 5) drove us toward the coast, picking up her mother, Elizabeth Roa along the way. We stopped along the highway to see the breakers hit the rocks, then traveled on to the city of Valparaiso, which is next to the most important harbor in South America when it was the stopping port when ships went around the horn. We had lunch at a local restaurant, toured the bay, rode a funicular from the harbor level to the hillside shops, looked at the city sights, saw a building where the Christian work started, and had supper in the city. Returning late enough to get our hosts out of bed.

Chile Day 14

Though we had hopes of finishing the bathroom door and wall, it was determined for us to remain clean before leaving. We packed, saw a little more of the local city, had lunch with David and Elizabeth Roa, the missionary who was instrumental in our coming, then left for the airport in Santiago.

Thank you for your the prayers for us as we traveled and worked. We have received His protection, encouragement, and blessing from being with other saints of God as you have traveled with us.