Chile 2019

October 4, 2019

Many have been asking how the trip to Chile went. As a general statement it all went well. Art and Tim arrived at the airport about the same time and an hour after Fred and Sue, but there was a long delay getting through customs as there were several athletic teams also going through at the same time.

Handicap bathroom. Our first concern was getting the handicap bathroom into a usable condition. The cement floor was poured, studs for walls were added and rearranged, walls were covered with plywood, a roof was put on and the electrical was added. With a few delays, everything was completed, awaiting connection to the city utilities.

Main building. Once the handicap bathroom work was well started our attention shifted to enclosing a portion of the planned building so the children’s clubs could be held inside and supplies and equipment could be protected. The rest of the time involved getting studs up with windows and doors in place, covered with plywood, and getting electrical service to the various rooms. As we were leaving for the airport the bars for the windows were being added for protection. During this time the ladies were planning the kitchen as well as designing and sewing curtains for the windows.

Future projects

After a busy summer and fall we are making contact with many projects that have been requested. Among the considerations will be helping out with work in the Bahamas. You might pray with us as we make decisions about what projects are feasible to be accomplished, and that there would be people and leaders willing to go on these proposed projects.