Peru Bible School 2018

February 3, 2018

Day 1

The trip started out looking to be easy and non-complicated. We had arranged a flight out of O’Hare in Chicago, through Dallas/Fort Worth and overnight to Lima, where we would catch another flight to Tarapoto and the work with the Mattix’s. The Lord had other plans. In Dallas the expected plane was sidelined, causing us to change terminals and airplanes. Of course the plane needed to be brought to the gate, cleaned out, and restocked, causing us to leave 1 ½ hours late. They pushed the plane speed, arriving much quicker than normal flight time, but not enough for us to connect to our flight on to Tarapoto. With money and a new ticket we are scheduled to arrive 3 hours later than the original. The afternoon was spent getting acquainted and reacquainted with everyone and looking over the work that needs to be done.

Day 2

The night wasn’t quite long enough to catch up, as it was just a normal length for me. Today is the Lord’s day and we were able to meet with the local believers. We were with them last year, so were able to recognize some of the faces. The elders are helping the group to grow by leading in Bible studies and teaching the younger ones to mature and learn to do the work. After our arrival they had asked me to speak. The afternoon and evening was spent resting and preparing for the week ahead.

Day 3

Time to get to work, although it had become a typical Monday schedule. Jesse had traveled during the night to the coast for teaching, Janel and the two children had an “appointment” with the orthodontist that comes once a month (much waiting), a missionary helping us had language class before picking up Andrew and Clara. So the morning was spent getting the mind around the work to be done and determining the material needs, while Sue treated plants for bugs. Material for the work was purchased and some of the work was started. Everything has settled down for the evening, as we get to know each other and making contact with Jesse for questions. Maybe pictures another night as it is time for bed.

Catching up on the pictures.

Day 4

The morning started with rain, but broke up so we could get started on the work. Everyone started on their separate assignments to be getting the work done. Aaron, and Fiona, when she became available after school, started pulling the wires between the lights and switches. Andrew worked on installing the insulation that had been destroyed by the second story construction and then covering with drywall. Fred worked on the studs in a corner that had been destroyed during the construction so it would hold the insulation and wallboard. The ladies went to town to purchase sewing materials. As soon as Isaac was available he was putting the roof peak on the new construction, until the rain started again. Most of the work was inside, so the work continued. After the ladies returned Clara started on the mudding of the installed wallboard and Sue, Dhaly, and Janel proceeded to organize the kitchen at the institute. When Casey (local missionary) arrived he worked on the moving of the washing machine out of the institute kitchen to its new location, capping off the plumbing and installing an electrical box. He helped the ladies by moving some of the furniture in the kitchen. For one day, a lot has been started and accomplished, but there are many more things to do. The current prayer need would be about the rain as it affects not only the few things requiring us to be outside, it slows the cement work on the new addition, which will indirectly slow us down.

Day 5

How nice to wake up to song of a “Jenny” wren, as my mother would call them, more commonly known as a house wren, in the early morning as the day is awakening. Just a couple songs, then she is gone. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning. Andrew was not feeling well today, but without an update, you did not have an opportunity to pray for him, unless you know the hazards of mission trips, as he is doing much better the next day. Clara continued the mudding of the drywall until the supply ran out. Aaron continued to pull wire to the electrical boxes. The day was a little slow from a construction standpoint as more material needed to be purchased and delivered. Purchasing can become difficult from a timing standpoint as the locals usually break for lunch and a siesta until about 3 or 4. So even though several things were ordered, including drywall and metal studs, they were not delivered until late afternoon. Work was ended slightly early so we could clean up for supper at a local hamburger joint and then attend prayer meeting. A rather typical meeting with songs, a short message, and prayer in small circles. It was late in the evening to get home, so it was straight to bed for everyone.

Day 6

Another beautiful day in the Lord. With the supplies delivered, there was much to do. Some more sorting was needed to be done at the institute and a few more construction projects planned. When Casey arrived the finalized plans were made for the roof under the deck to protect the washer and clothes line from the rain. Final purchases were made for that also. Casey was sent to a business that manufactures roofing from sheet stock to any length desired. It reminds me of how gutters are sometimes manufactured at the home to any length. Andrew, feeling much better, was busy all day cleaning cement splatters off a metal roof and adding the extension pieces to make the roof reach to the new addition. Clara finally had the drywall compound purchased so that days work could be completed. Aaron has completed pulling the electric wires to the ground level, and then assisted Fred with adding some framing to the top of a wall. Sue was not feeling as well from the heat, so slowed her activities for the day. The day was sunny, so nearly everyone was tired and went to bed a little early.

Day 7

Nice little shower in the morning, but had quit by the time breakfast was over, and the rest of the day was sunny. There was a little more mudding to be finished off and many little pieces at the top of a wall needing the whole process of studs, drywall installed, and taping. A little more electricity was worked on. A couple shelves were installed for the kitchen, and the framing was started for a “roof” over the washing machine. Painting was started, a window re-framing was started, and studs in the new construction was started in the afternoon. The evening was spent eating at a nice restaurant with an open balcony and light breeze, then to an ice cream shop.

Day 8

Jesse is coming home this morning! Everyone was continuing with their various projects. Andrew was working on re-framing a window. Clara was finishing more mudding while Fiona painted on ceilings. Isaac and Casey were attaching framing for the “roof” project. Aaron was working on the entry lights. Sue was fixing lunch. Fred was trying to attach framing for the insulation of the walls of the new addition. The afternoon, after the usual siesta, was spent going to a swimming hole where one could sit in the stream or dive off a rock. A good time was had by all. The evening was relaxed and several watched a movie, “The Secondhand Lions”.

Day 9

The Lord’s day and we get to meet again with the believers. Fred finished the book of Philemon this week with Aaron doing the translating. Sunday dinner was at a restaurant set upon a hill overlooking the city of Tarapoto. Afterward we drove the loop around the city and airport, seeing some of the rice fields and other local sights. The rest of the day was napping and relaxing, with Jesse having a Bible study in the afternoon.

Day 10

Monday and we settled into a continuation of the work we were doing. Clara did the final drywall mudding and she and Fiona got another coat of paint on. The quality of paint varies, so more coats will need to be applied. Andrew was working on a window revamping and making screens. Aaron continued on the electricity wiring. Isaac filled some of the cracks in the new construction and helped his dad with shopping and putting up the tin for the “roof” project. There was a lot of shopping to be done by Jesse. The ladies did a lot of cleaning for the institute. Fred continued furring out the walls so they can be insulated. After supper we went out for ice cream.

Day 11

The day is seeing more progress made. The “roof” project at the institute is finished. Both rooms downstairs are nearly painted. The screens for the downstairs windows are completed. This caused more help for furring and wallboarding the upstairs, so all the furring studs and rafters are up and just need more insulation and wallboard in one room. Aaron has connected the entryway lights, which looked nice when we left and came home. He has also started on the upstairs electric system. The ladies went shopping for material for curtains and proceeded to start sewing them. Since tomorrow is Valentine’s day, with many eating out, we spent the evening eating at a hamburger shop.

Day 12

Though many are feeling the pressure of work needing to be completed, it was decided to take a half day to travel away to see some attractions. After breakfast we drove about 45 minutes along winding roads up one of the valleys to see Chazuta, the last port available before the rapids on the Huallaga river, the start of the highway to Tarapoto, and the landing where Micah Tuttle sometimes left from. At the edge of the town we visited a small chocolate factory and saw up close the cacao plant, from which chocolate is made. After lunch and rest we continued with installing wallboard and more furring studs for insulation. Sue was busy sewing on curtains and the other ladies were cleaning books in the library in the institute. Tonight was prayer meeting where one of the students of the institute (beginning in a couple weeks) spoke.

Day 13

The ladies finished off cleaning the books at the institute while Sue sewed on curtains. The downstairs rooms have been finished painting and the construction mess is now cleaned up. Ready to have the furniture brought back. With some of the work projects being completed, more labor was put into the upstairs. Andrew finished installing the drywall in the first room and Clara was teaching Janel and Fiona the intricacies of taping and mudding. More furring studs are put up and Isaac and Mayer, a new student, were learning how to proceed from what will be left. Jesse continues to make supply runs so the rest can keep working as well as adding his expertise to the projects. The evening was spent at a quiet restaurant, having good conversation ranging from some needs of the institute to how to work with the current generation called the Millennials.

Day 14

The attention for the day is the process of leaving, which is later in the evening. There were details to accomplish for the last day, checking that all desired purchases were made, trying to make the last minute finishing of projects, and settling the details of saying “good-bye”. More work was done in the morning as Sue sewed, Clara helped Janel clean and mop the downstairs dorms and then put on another layer of mud in the upstairs room. Andrew continued to apply drywall and Fred, with Isaac’s help (after school) put up another wall of furring studs. Aaron was replacing screens at the institute. The afternoon was putting the finishing touches on the morning work and packing. After supper we headed for the airport, to find out that the plane was going to be late. The two hour lay-over time in Lima was eaten up getting off the ground in Tarapoto, so by the time luggage was received, Fred and Sue were supposed to be ready to taxi down the runway. Obviously they missed their flight and new arrangements had to be made. Andrew and Clara had arranged for a motel overnight, but are expecting to arrive home to a winter storm on Sunday.

Day 15

Having missed the flight, the day started early and continued for a long time. Since the flight had left, the ticket counter had shut down, so the only way to check with American Airlines was to call them from the food court of the airport in Lima. A couple hours later we had reservations on the next flight out, going through Miami this time. Just a couple hour wait and it was time to sign in for tickets. The rest of the trip was uneventful, sleeping on the plane and arriving in Chicago at 7:30 pm after a three hour lay-over in Miami. We decided to stay the night with the friends that had kept out car and drive rested to Rockford to break bread with the believers there and on to Westby for an afternoon and evening meeting.

Much had been accomplished with the trip, and more experiences were added in getting there and back.