Peru trip April 19-May 30

Two groups left and started the work of rebuilding the wall on new meeting building. see progress below.

This is starting out late as there has been much going on and  an update has been put off.  Note the last sentence request for prayer.

Peru 2024

Day 1, Friday April 19
Jonathan, Dick and Justin left from Miam on Friday with an overnight flight to Lima.
Mario and Carlos had arrived from Chile on Thursday and started digging a trench for the
Day 2, Saturday April 20
After a hotel stay and a few complications they were on the road to Ica, taking 2 hours to
get out of Lima, and another 4 ½ hour drive they arrived in Ica but a billfold was lost on the way,
which could not be reported to the police until Monday.
In the meantime, Nadia flew into Chicago, Elias completed a national Bible Quizzing
tournament, and Fred had joined in watching the tournament with Sue, the Welch family and
many other quizzers and parents. Though Elias was on a younger team, he considers they had
done well.
Day 3, Sunday April 21
The team in Ica went to the local assembly, with Jonathan speaking. After lunch they
installed a water heater for Becky, the missionary, then went to the sand dunes nearby. Yes, this
is a desert area and there is sand on the mountains.
Nadia joined her hosts at a meeting in Palos Hills, near Chicago IL.
Fred and Elias joined with the believers in Rockford, IL before meeting Nadia and be
taken by friends to Midway Airport for and overnight flight to Atlanta, and then to Lima.
Day 4, Monday April 22
The three arrived in Lima at 5:20 am, waited for the taxi, had an exciting ride across
Lima to the bus station, then a 4 ½ hour ride to Ica. The ride allowed us to catch up on the
missed sleep from the overnight flight. After a late lunch, dropping off our suitcases and
changing clothes, we finally arrived at the work site, where the work was in progress. The team
was assembled.
The early arrivals had turned in the police report, acquired a few supplies, and started the
destruction and digging. Much had been accomplished on the first day. After supper there was
much discussion about the size and location of the wall foundations. All were willing to turn in
Day 5, Tuesday April 23
After breakfast and devotions, we headed to the work site. We are putting a wall next to
the neighbor, and it needs a good foundation, just like our lives need a good foundation.
Consequently, the trench needed to be widened and deepened. A big backhoe came to help us
remove some cement and haul away our trash. He just fit through the gate. Plans were made for
putting in the bathroom and purchasing supplies. Buildings are built using cement pillars with
imbedded rebar, so a cage was built. Work quits at sundown which arrives at 6:00 (we are near

the equator. Supper tends to be later, then we had a good Bible discussion afterwards until
Day 6, Wednesday April 24
Breakfast, devotions, and back to work. Some changes were made overnight, resulting in
the need to widen the holes for the pillars. This requires cutting and chiseling through cement
and rocks. The backhoe arrived again today and helped greatly by tearing out more buried
concrete and rocks. Now we are left with leveling the ground in preparation for pouring cement
another day. Over the days we have collected a pile of rocks we can use in the foundation.
Preliminary leveling has occurred, the plumbing for the bathroom is in place, a tank has been
placed to the roof to supply water, as permanent shade has been temporally installed (makes for
better working conditions, and a rebar form for the columns was made. A comment on the
water, it is only supplied from 4 to 6 in the afternoon, so a tank is necessary for a reserve. Three
of the crew are not feeling well, but not really serious. Please pray for their health to return and
the rest to remain healthy.
Day 7, Thursday April 25
Breakfast, devotions, and to the work. A couple of us worked on tying the rebar for the
pillars. Quickly the gravel was delivered and the rest went to work bringing in the gravel and
leveling it to bring the base up in preparation for pouring concrete tomorrow. Once the pillar
rebar was completed, they were set in place and gravel was leveled for the foundation. Forms
are being set in place for the concrete and another partial load of gravel was delivered. The day
was a little slower as preparation was completed in anticipation of tomorrow.
Day 8, Friday April 26
The day started out a little bit in the relaxing mode as we thought we were set up and
ready for the ready-mix concrete that was to come at 11. We arrived at the work site a little later
than normal, then did a little more set up until the concrete truck arrived. Immediately the full
attention is on getting the concrete from the truck at the gate into the foundation ditch and get
rocks included for strength. Men are wheeling wheelbarrows full of concrete, and some are
moving rocks by wheelbarrow full to get them closer, while others are pushing the rocks down
into the concrete. Then there is the leveling off to a string that moves. More concrete is poured
for the bathroom area, and it is discovered that instead of the minimum order of 5 cubic meters
they had brought 6, which is more than we had prepared for, so there was a scrambling to set
more forms to use the concrete. Concrete cannot be left to sit for a break (nor does the driver
have time to wait), so lunch was after we had finished, about 3 pm. We were all worn out from
the work, so we cleaned up, ending a little early. Though everyone was completely tired, we
then proceeded to the local assembly prayer meeting. Typically, one of us was asked to speak,
and one of our men had to do the translating! (This was his first time translating a sermon and he
lacks the Christian verbiage as Spanish was learned before he became a Christian.) Supper
afterwards and everyone headed to bed early.

Day 9, Saturday April 27
Morning seemed to come sooner than desired, but the workday needed to start. The
concrete poured yesterday had set enough to walk on, so the activities were preparation for the
next concrete pour. All day was an anticipation of being able to pour more foundation for the
wall along one side of the property. The brick courses for the wall needed to be determined to
set the foundation height. The wall columns needed to be straightened and tied in place. Forms
material had been purchased put in place, and rebar inserted. During this time plans were being
executed to build the walls of the bathroom. By the end of the day everyone was tired, but the
foundation was prepared for pouring, but not today. With curing, our work has been extended a
day. Walls were starting to be placed for the bathroom. It was a good day, but we are glad
tomorrow is a day of rest.
Day 10, Sunday April 28
The Lord’s day and we get to meet with believers in a new place! The morning was
about as one would expect in the U. S.: breaking of bread at 9:00, break and teaching meeting by
Fred, then a Sunday school for everyone. The men met as a group and answered questions about
their spiritual life. Then the benches were rearranged again, and people were served lunch. We
headed back to our accommodations and got some rest from the week of work. About 6 pm we
were picked up to travel to another meeting at 7 pm in another city close to Ica. There
everything was put together—a few hymns, a sermon by Jonathan, a few more hymns and
comments, then the distribution of the bread and wine. Afterward we were taken out to supper
by one of the elders and finally home about 11 pm. Glad we were able to get an afternoon rest.
The “kids” and Justin from Mountain Top Camp went to a youth meeting and were home when
we arrived at 11.
Day 11, Monday April 29
Back to work. Forms were ready, but needed some bracing, and a concrete mixer with
operator arrived at 9 to pour the second foundation. A couple men placed a wall on the
bathroom so concrete can be poured against it, then continued the work throughout the day.
After the wall was finished some concrete was poured around and in the bathroom, and some
more of the floor was formed and poured. Lunch was at our usual time and some more cement
was purchased and a little more floor was poured. The door to the bathroom was hung, and we
were able to leave early. We discovered we may have gained our lost day back as the brick wall
can go up in two days. With showers, a little relaxing, a couple from the assembly that speaks
some English have arrived and will likely take the after-supper conversation.
Day 12, Tuesday April 30
To the wall! There was some set-up as lines had to be stretched, bricks needed to be
gathered and the process of people had to be organized, so the work on the wall started a little
later than desired, but all went well. It takes a long time to lay 500 bricks, one at a time with
mortar between each. The day was hot and long, so many were tired by the time we finished half
the height of the wall after dark. The bathroom construction continues. A supper of pizza was
brought by some young people and the evening was spent sharing stories.

Day 13, Wednesday May 1
Everything was set up, so the building of the wall was started much quicker. Platforms
were set up for the length of the wall so the upper rows can be laid. Still a lot of piece work, but
the wall was completed before the day was done. Because the wall is just outside the shade tarp
most of us finally darkened our tans. The bathroom was completed with toilet and sink that
works! At the end of the day planning and forms were started for pouring the pillars. The
evening was relaxing as a group, reporting on comments that have been sent our way, and some
walked to a store.
Day 14, Thursday May 2
Another concrete pouring day is upon us. The forms for the columns needed to be
completed. They are hard to attach as the neighboring columns at the top (the rebar always
sticks out) and the column rebar in the foundation are the only sources of support, while the
forms must be next to the constructed brick wall, which is not perfectly plumb and is too weak
yet to use for support. Though tied with wire (this farmer knows it as baling wire), some forms
gave way and had to be braced more as concrete is now not formed as desired (running out
cracks). A step to the interior building was formed. Three columns and the step were poured by
lunch. After lunch the last column was poured, the remaining step was formed, a utility sink was
installed, and pouring was completed for the remaining courtyard. The work was completed, and
clean-up accomplished by 8 pm. A late supper and the sorting of some of the tools before bed.
Day 15, Friday May 3
Time for the team to be going home. Nadia, Elias, and Fred left for the bus station after
breakfast to make the 9:00 run to Lima. The rest of the team returned to the work site to remove
forms and get their tools sorted and together. Jonathan, Dick, and Justin were planning on
leaving about noon by car to drive to Lima for a late, overnight flight. Mario and Carlos had
purchased bus tickets for a return to Chile.
We are all glad to be home, tired, but refreshed by having had an opportunity to be
involved in a great work. Thanks for following and praying with us during this time.