Peru 2017

February 10 2017

Day 1

The day started early as the flight time from Minneapolis was at 5:10 in the morning. We had picked up Orin the afternoon before and stayed overnight at some friends that are good enough to let us leave their house about 3:15 am without disturbing them. We flew to Miami to wait for several hours for the flight to Lima. Everything seemed to go smoothly. John was able to leave later in the morning from Newark, spend a couple hours in Houston, and then meet us in Lima. Tomorrow we leave for Tarapoto.

Day 2

It was a short night, having headed for the motel after midnight and needing to leave by 7 am but we were able to be horizontal on more than tile. The flight to Tarapoto was uneventful, although we were told that many airlines will cancel or delay because of storms. We seemed to have arrived between storms as it did not rain until the afternoon. With the good night of sleep we were able to be shown around the house and start planning for the work, which included a trip to town to see what supplies were available in the stores. A start was made on attaching the furring strips to the wall. After a meal at home the men went to the prayer meeting and then out to the local ice cream shop.

Day 3

It is interesting that the local roosters crow in the middle of the night. The sun arises earlier here than in the northern countries at this time of the year. After breakfast and devotions we continued in the work of cutting furring strips to length, attaching them to the tile walls, and moving the furniture out of the way so the work in the next room can commence. Jesse and I bounced to the town to arrange for more material and supplies. There was work done for making a window above a shower and narrowing the bunk beds. The evening meal was eaten out in a local grill shop for the local flavors and finally an opportunity to catch everyone up on the activities.

Day 4

Beautiful mornings with the fog in the valley below where we sleep. Now that the initial work has been laid out the everyone was quite busy getting the wooden furring strips attached, Styrofoam panels cut and in place between the furring strips and most of the wall board being installed. Because the construction is going well, we have decided to do another wall in the building to make it look better. The girl students will appreciate the cooler and nicer walls. The day seemed warmer as there were less clouds until the afternoon, when a good storm came through, dropping the temperature about 15 degrees. The evening was given to relaxation and catching up while Jesse went to a men’s planning meeting at the chapel.

Day 5

It is time to relax and see some of the sights of the area. We drove north out of Tarapoto, going over a mountain to meet up with a river that went through the valley and empties into the Amazon. We planned to hike to a nice waterfall, but along the way discovered the river was higher than expected and not safely fordable. Turning back we picnicked along another nice river and let the kids swim. Returning home we relaxed for a while and then went to a favorite hamburger shop for supper.

Day 6

It is the Lord’s day. We attended the local meeting and Fred was asked to open the Word after the Breaking of Bread. The afternoon we relaxed, catching up on sleep and taking a walk into town in the evening, riding back by moto-taxi.

Day 7

We continued in the work, getting wallboard up and taped on most of the walls. There is one wall we decided to add, so most of the metal studs are in place there and the insulation in. The Mattix’s had a barbecue for some friends, which lead to a full evening.

Day 8

Some of the earlier mudding was looking dry and the later needed more time. We were able to get the wallboard on the final wall, taped, and mudded. The rest was given a second coat. As the work wound down to just the mudding, Jesse and Fred started the process of removing a half of a double sink so there would be a place for a washing machine the girls in the dorm rooms we are renovating. When Jesse was in town buying supplies he returned with coconuts to drink. The evening was relaxed and we watched a movie together. Orin was not feeling well today and the cough continues, so you can pray for wisdom about that, and for healing.

Day 9

The drywall is going well. All was sanded down and another coat was applied. John and Jesse went to town for more finishing supplies while Fred worked on narrowing the bunk beds to have them take up less space in the room. Then there was work on the shelving around the washing machine. The day was hot so we took off in the middle of the afternoon to see the jungle in the mountains and jump in the pool at the base of the waterfall. The pictures are on other cameras, so may send some later. Everyone seemed tired from the day being much hotter than others, so all coasted after the excursion until prayer meeting. John spoke on prayer.

Day 10

Even though the sun is out the day is not as hot. We have now had several days with no rain, although when it comes it does not slow our work as we are inside and under cover. The drywall mudding was finished off and the painting started. At the same time the shelving was put in place around the washing machine and it was connected. Now that the end is in sight the lesser projects are being worked on. The boys are learning some construction abilities as they put a grapevine trellis together. The last bunk bed is also being adjusted for size. Orin seems to be getting better as he is more quick witted in the conversations. Thanks for praying for him

Day 11

This is a day that several completions are accomplished. The painting has been completed the boys completed the trellis, a water filter was moved, coffee was roasted and boards were ordered for more projects. Many little things, but the finish is approaching. The evening was a Bible study and out for ice cream afterwards. The phone seems to be having connection problems and I may not be able to have pictures after this.

Day 11 pictures. I found a work-around.

Day 12

A day for recreation and being a tourist. With the late night we choose to sleep in and John finished a couple projects before we left. We traveled along a river that joined the Huallaja river, which is a tributary of the Amazon. Beautiful scenery as we traveled through what would be considered the foothills of the Andes. Near the end of the road we stopped at a shop that makes chocolate from the pod. With a quick look at the boat dock we ate lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch we returned to the boat dock where we took the boat that Micah Tuttle uses to go upstream to see the sights from the river and feel the rapids. On the way home we stopped at a roadside swimming hole. Supper at home and watched a movie.

Day 13

Another opportunity to gather with the believers to remember what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. After the Breaking of Bread there was a time of fellowship and then a local brother opened the Word. The Mattix children sat near us and provided translation as he spoke of the work of God in our lives through suffering and injustice, using Joseph as an example of one who knew that God had planned all his life for good. We had Sunday lunch out, then returned home to relax, catch up on our lives, and get a previous update out.

Day 14

Mostly this is a day making preparation for Orin and John to leave. After breakfast we went to town to pick up a few final purchases before their leaving. Immediately after lunch we took them to the airport and encountered no problems. Though this is sent after they have arrived, they will spend several hours in the Lima airport before flying to the States overnight. John will have a direct flight to New Jersey and Orin will connect in Lima with his aunt, Naomi Keyser to fly to Fort Lauderdale and then on to Chicago to meet his Grandmother Scott. We returned home for the afternoon siesta and then I worked on a threshold while Jesse and Janel went to counsel a couple in the church. A quick supper out, then everyone was tired and went to bed early.

Day 15

Now to work on the smaller jobs. The finishing shaping was done on the threshold. Isaac is very good on the lacquering, so he put the finish on the threshold and it was dropped into place. Next there was a floor molding to cut and sand for the living room and dining room. While we waited for that to be lacquered a start was made on a trellis for the passion fruit plants. A protective shelf for the window was also lacquered and put up.

Day 16

The internet was working better this morning, so I was able to send out an update. I also took the time to order airplane tickets for the trip we (TeamWorkers Abroad) are taking to Chile for the last half of March. It was the Lord’s timing as not long later the internet went down, and the electricity in the afternoon. Jesse installed the baseboard in the dorm. We started installing the baseboard in the living room/dining room, getting the major pieces in. Since the electricity was mostly off in the afternoon I worked more on the trellis while Jesse had a Bible study and prepared for tonight’s meeting. At supper we found out that a father had died during the day, so the meeting was changed to a wake, and I stayed home.

Day 17

More little projects were completed. The baseboard was finished and the trellis also. Then work was started on shelves for a couple bathrooms. Each one takes time. The list is short, but the day was full. Tomorrow is expected to finish the shelves and make the final preparations for traveling to Paraguay. The internet at the airport is short lived, so there may not be communication for a few days.

Day 18

Now is the day to bring everything to an end. After breakfast there was a try to contact my wife and confirm the final arrangements for getting Orin home. The shelves were finished and then installed in the bathrooms. After another checking of the internet there was packing and preparing for the 6:30 flight. The flight will be to Lima, then about 11:30 the flight starts to Asuncion, Paraguay. This is the end of the time in Peru and will start over as a report of the trip to Paraguay.